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Employee Fraud Investigations

Fraud is a serious concern for any business. From small-scale expenses fraud to million-pound embezzlement, fraud carries a heavy cost. Along with this is the potential for reputational damage that may follow a business for years. We work with clients cross a wide spectrum of business sectors to alleged misconduct. Our expertise and training allows us to thoroughly investigate matters while adhering to the regulatory and legal requirements of the relevant jurisdictions.

Case Study: Multi-Million Dollar Pension Fund Fraud

A pension fund suspected its CEO of arranging kickbacks via hedge fund managers. The managers artificially elevated investment management fees in exchange for substantial monetary investments. The individual allegedly received cash and assets in excess of $200m via a complex web of offshore entities. The investigation undertook a review of hedge funds’ accounting records and reports. This determined the veracity of the allegations and value of the fraud.

Case Study: CEO Expenses Fraud & Asset Misappropriation

A NASDAQ-listed multinational corporation in the online retail industry suspected its CEO of defrauding the company by submitting false invoices. We forensically imaged the individual’s company computer. The team then reviewed the recovered documents in conjunction with invoices allegedly submitted by suppliers. We identified several false invoices which has been submitted to the company’s finance department had been created on the CEO’s computer. The investigation also revealed ghost employees, unauthorised suppliers, missing equipment and intellectual property theft. The client commenced criminal and civil proceedings against the CEO.

Case Study: Covert Investigation into Alleged Kickbacks

A large construction company received allegations of an employee offering kickbacks on construction contracts via the company’s whistleblower hotline. To avoid arousing suspicion, the client wanted a covert investigation into the employee’s activities to determine if the allegations were true. We compiled a profile of the individual through forensic imaging of the individual’s company laptop and mobile phone. We carried out an analysis of the recovered documents and logged phone calls, and the individual’s employment was subsequently terminated.


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